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The PCS-TL33 offers a personal solution for effective face-to-face meetings over broadband internet or corporate networks including live audio, excellent video quality and data sharing. With to the high-bandwidth capacity and support of the best audio and video coding standards, users can benefit from a real natural meeting experience, straight from their desks.
As with all other Sony videoconferencing products, the PCS-TL33 comes with an encryption function for highly effective security to make sure that your confidential information stays secure. The built-in Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms make sure that you always get the best quality out of your IP network, even under changing network conditions. Furthermore, the system uses standards-based technology to ensure the highest degree of connectivity with other systems.
The PCS-TL33 is a fully integrated desktop system. Its sleek design consists of an LCD screen system with built-in videoconference system, camera, speakers and microphone. This all-in-one system doubles as your PC monitor and videoconference system, making it an integral part of your desktop while eliminating the need for additional clip-on camera's, external speakers, microphones and cables. You don't even need to install additional software or depend on any PC operating systems. Furthermore, the PCS-TL33 is easy to setup and with its intuitive on-screen menus, easy to launch with a 'click of the same mouse' you use for your laptop or PC.