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Main Features

  • maximum video transfer rate of 4 Mb/s over an IP network
  • Internal MCU supports upto 6 sites in CP mode
  • T1/E1 on ISDN
  • H.264, Interlaced SIF 60 field per second
  • Support 4CIF TV-like resolution in multipoint calls
  • Support MPEG4 AAC 14kHz wideband audio
  • Site Name Display in multipoint call
  • 10 sites multi-point cascaded by only 2 MCU systems
  • IP/ISDN Speeding Matching
  • Support up to 2 cameras input
  • Support Memory Stick AV Recording
  • Support Hybrid Quality of Service
  • H.239 PC+Video streaming
  • IP Streaming
  • Support BRC-300 3CCD high quality camera
  • Triple monitor output
  • Supports H.235 AES Encryption
Sony PCS G70P  
  • Up to 4 Mb/s s over IP
  • Up to 768 kb/s over IDSN or up to 2 Mb/s PRI interface (option)
  • High quality video using H264 standard and 4CIF resolution (TV like)
  • Wideband Audio MPEG4 Point to Point and Multipoint calls
  • Live Video + XGA Data simultaneously using H239 standard thanks to Data Solution Box
  • Dual live Video
  • Split video mode 2 videos streams displayed horizontally or vertically on a single monitor
  • 6 sites Multipoint IP or ISDN or mixed using transcoding and speedmatching
  • 5 monitors ouput + sites names displayed
  • Cascading for 10 sites Multipoint
  • Advanced Quality of Service
  • Prime Support